Room 27 at Karori Normal School has a blog titled Millions of Thumbprints. The posts on their class blog show that this is a place full of activity, questions, and they enjoy humor in their education.

  • The teachers chat on Twitter. Based on one of those chats, they came up with an online event called #KIDspeaknz
  • The class has quite a sense of humor as evidenced by the Celebration of Learning movie.
  • Widgets on the sidebar link to extended interests of the class including their YouTube channel, a bookshelf of recommended books, and a date widget that uses clever pictures.
  • A post on their book club shows how students learn about what makes a good tweet and put that information to use in composing their own tweets. This is the exact piece of information I happened to be looking for myself this week!
  • Their school learns about and integrates the Maori language into their studies and activities.