This past month I’ve been listening to a lot of music from artists that I’ve never listened to or songs that i had no interest into listening from my favorite singers. I’ve been loving Maggie Lindemanns music lately, the song from her i’m  obsessed  with is called things. Rating this song on a scale from 1-10 i give this one a 9.8. i suggest that if you are sick of the same old songs you listen to on a daily basis, go check out Maggie Lindemann! Her songs knocking on your heart and couple of kids literally changed my life, i can totally relate to her songs. I’ve also been loving the song company by Justin Bieber,:) I’ve been a fan of him for about three years now, when i downloaded his album purpose I’ve never gotten around to listen to the whole album,i would always listen to the same songs 24/7. one day i decided to listen to the whole album and i loved it!  I’ve fallen in love with his music all over again!