This week I will finally will be writing about lazy things. From lazy hair, clothes, and DIY or anything lazy at all! This weekly post I will be writing about some of my favorite lazy hairstyles.

My first lazy hairstyle that I will be talking about is the messy bun. The messy bun is my go to lazy hairstyle. It is easy, fun, and most importantly super comfortable. It does not take a long time in the mornings also! The messy bun can work for anybody’s hair, thick or thin. The messy bun also works for any hair length, long or short. My hair is quite thin and is about shoulder length, and I can safely say that it works and stays in my hair! That is it on this hairstyle, on to the next one.

My last hairstyle for this week is the side swept messy braid. This is another one of my favorite go to hairstyles! The messy braid is super comfortable and easy to put together when you have no time in the morning or just feel like sitting at home eating chips and watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix! This hairstyle is also good for the summertime when you want to get the hair off your neck. This hairstyle works mostly for longer hair, but if you have shorter hair you can easily braid back the front pieces. Also if you have bangs let them hang down, or you can put on a headband! Thank you for reading my blog and comment down below what you favorite hairstyle is!