TEAM Journal April 7


Read the following prompt and respond with a minimum of 4 well written sentences.

Think about the one person in your life who has the greatest smile.  Now describe his or her smile.  How do you feel when this person smiles at you?  How do you feel just thinking about that smile?  Does thinking about that person’s smile encourage you to smile more?  Do you think smiling makes a difference to those around you? Why?

4 thoughts on “TEAM Journal April 7

  1. bb1000063

    his smile is funny. it makes me want to laugh. just thinking about it makes me laugh. i think smileing is encouraging. it encourages good moods

  2. andrewva

    I dont really know anyone who has a great smile that makes you want to smile. I do think that smiling can make people feel better, but thier is a limit. If you just go around smiling allday people will think youre wierd. smiling definitely is a good thing though:)

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