TEAM Journal April 14


Respond to the following  journal prompt with at least 5 well written sentences. 

Describe a time when you did your personal best but it didn’t match up to what others did.  How did you feel at the time?  Were you certain you had done your best?  Were you proud of yourself for doing your best?  Did it matter to you what others thought about your performance?  Is it good to compare yourself to others?  Why?

3 thoughts on “TEAM Journal April 14

  1. evrettsh

    I think the words of wisdom was good.I think that they were righ. If you did youre best then you dont have to worry about dont need to worry about what other people think. Always do youre best

  2. nikocor

    I normally do my personally best on every thing and it always usually matches up to everybody and that makes me feel good.

  3. Manny Jurado

    One time I did my personal best in soccer. I got 2 goals. I thought I did the best and I was proud. It did matter to me about my performance. However, other people got many more goals at me.

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