EddsWorld (For Lack of Another Idea) WP1


My first blog will be about EddsWorld, a random channel on YouTube. It was created by Edd Gould, a person who wanted to make a better world. When he was a kid he made cartoons, because he was bullied by other kids. Over time he met others, like Tom Ridgewell, Matt Hargreaves, and Tord Larsson. Over time they learned about the “Internet”. He started making animations, but over time he made a series called EddsWorld. Edd made a little adventure staring Edd, Tom, Matt, and Tord. They were slowly gaining views and becoming popular. Soon EddsWorld took a dark turn. He was diognosed with the cancer of the white blood cell. On March 25,2012, Edd Gould died, and many people were heart-broken. After his death Tom, Matt,and a few others continued the EddsWorld legacy, with Tom leading them. To this day EddsWorld is a small channel, and he may be gone but he is a great person who made a many people feel better. “Edd may be gone,but his world will keep on spinning”.

By Alan

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