TEAM Journal August 11, 2011


Respond to this week’s journal prompt with at least 3 well written sentences.  Using a great short answer format would be perfect here.  Remember that only responses with academic language will be posted.  Use complete sentences and do not use abbreviations.

Describe a time when you did what was right, felt good about yourself for having done the right thing, and earned the respect of those around you.  In other words, describe a time when you did the right thing and gained personal power because of it.

TEAM Journal May 13


Respond to the following prompt with at least 3 well written sentences.    Each sentence must start with a capital letter, the word “I” must be capitalized, and the word “you” must be spelled out properly.  Remember that the comment section does not have a spell check feature.  You may want to use Open Office Writer for your first draft to help with spelling and grammar.

What dreams are you dreaming for yourself?  Describe the down-to-earth goals you must reach if you are going to make your dreams come true.  What obstacles might you face?  Who will help you reach your goals?

TEAM Journal May 6


Respond to the following journal prompt with at least 3 well written sentences.


Compare and contrast the things you have in common with other human beings and the things that make you absolutely unique.  Why do you think diversity has helped make our country (or school) great?

TEAM Journal April 21


Read the following writing prompt, and respond with at least 4 well written sentences.


Have you ever been angry with someone and then they did something kind and you forgot your anger?  Have you ever reached out in kindness to someone you were once angry with?  Have you ever witnessed an act of kindness between two former enemies? Have you ever seen an act of kindness heal an angry situation?  Describe one or more of these peacemaking acts of kindness.

TEAM Journal April 14


Respond to the following  journal prompt with at least 5 well written sentences. 

Describe a time when you did your personal best but it didn’t match up to what others did.  How did you feel at the time?  Were you certain you had done your best?  Were you proud of yourself for doing your best?  Did it matter to you what others thought about your performance?  Is it good to compare yourself to others?  Why?

TEAM Journal April 7


Read the following prompt and respond with a minimum of 4 well written sentences.

Think about the one person in your life who has the greatest smile.  Now describe his or her smile.  How do you feel when this person smiles at you?  How do you feel just thinking about that smile?  Does thinking about that person’s smile encourage you to smile more?  Do you think smiling makes a difference to those around you? Why?

TEAM Journal March 3


Respond to the following journal prompt with at least 4 well written sentences.

Write about the ways you like to be treated.  Give specific examples.  Of these, which is the most important to you?  Do you treat others the same way?  How?  Do you know of ways you like to be treated that perhaps others do not?  For example, does everyone like to be hugged?  Flattered? Called by a pet name?

TEAM Journal February 24


Discuss three simple ways you can show respect to your teachers, your friends, and your family today.  How can simple acts of respect reduce anger, stress, and violence in the world?  How do simple acts of respect help us become successful human beings?