Far Out (setting)


Between our home planet, Earth, and our star, the Sun, is a space that full of empty pockets and other pockets of debris. Close to Earth are numerous satellites, secret and public, working and decommissioned. The International Space Station is the largest of these objects and the only to contain human life. A few planets are in this space, but they are relatively small. And then there is the space. Empty space, cold, silent and alien. This in-between does not support life, which is just fine for all of the non-living objects there. For a person, this is dangerous territory.

Bold Adjectives


The cute, rowdy puppy was all set for action. The family was fast asleep, warm and cozy in their beds, when she was ready for some silly play time. Pounce! The fluffy fur ball jumped gleefully on the bed, waking her sleepy people.

Images from Larry Ferlazzo’s Site SBC5



Larry Ferlazzo has been blogging for years and has a wealth of information and resources collected for students and educators. I find his posts both helpful and fun to read. Today I used his resource for Creative Commons images and selected Photl because it was new to me.


Photl starts the home page with a big search bar and has category links at the bottom of the page. What a perfect way to start searching for photos! The photos here are clear and high quality. Photl will certainly become one of my go to sites for Creative Commons images.