Aqua 8’s


The Air Jordan Aqua 8’s came out originally in February 1993 for $125.00. They released them again in November 2015 for $190.00 and my dad got them. Michael Jordan wore  these shoes in the NBA All-star game in 1993 in Salt Lake City. There are also other pairs of 8’s like Chrome 8’s, Playoff 8’s, Doernbecher 8’s, Phoenix Sun 8’s, and Three peat 8’s etc. The aqua 8’s are probably my favorite pair of Air Jordan 8’s but comment what yours are. The Aqua’s are the only pair of Air Jordan 8’s my dad has and I hope he will get the Playoff 8’s too. The colorway is pretty simple its black, purple, aqua, and some orange in it on the tongue of the shoe.Most people resell this shoe too about $250.00 but these are shoes that i would not resell I would ware them around. Next week I will talk about  Bred 13’s.


Gravity Falls Season Finally WP#6


Now before you read this if you want to see the finally, then don’t read this because there is a lot of spoilers.


I loved Gravity Falls from the first episode I had a sense it was a different type of show when i started noticing secrets in it. I noticed the bigfoot in the the intro scene in the woods he is on the right and also all the codes in the credits. But I am not going into the show itself I’m talking about the finally.

I was in awe when I saw the Shacktron 2000. I was so sad when Bill slams his fist in the commercial for the season finally. I almost cried when Stan lost his memory but I was so glad when he got his memory back at the end of the show. I think it was a really good season and tell me what you think about it and what you favorite part is.

High School Basketball Team Welcomes 3-Foot-5-Inch Player WP#7


PHOTO:Tristan Willmott, 14, of Hillsboro, New Hampshire plays as a guard for the Hillsboro-Deaering High School basketball team.

This weeks post really interested me because I love basketball and I really love stories about people over coming great obstacles. Tristan Willmott, age 14, was born in Hillsboro, New Hampshire with Mulibrey Nanism. This is a genetic disorder that effects your growth. Doctors expect he will grow to be 4-4.5 feet by the time he is 18. Tristan plays a guard on the Hillsboro-Deering High School Basketball team. The great part is that everybody supports him, his mother said that the other team cheers for him louder than his own. Tristan has had major improvement in skills during this basketball season. Before the season he attended all the open gyms the school had to offer, his mother said that he had worked really hard and he deserved a spot on the team.

Supercross WP1


Ok so who watched last weeks supercross? If you did you would know about the fight between Weston Peick and Vince Friese. If you didn’t watch it then let me tell you about it. So Vince Friese kept cutting off Weston Peick on the track so the second time Vinse cuts him off they both go down and Weston gets up and starts punching Vince. So now will every action comes a price, so Weston Peick is suspended from the next race and charged $5,000. So I think that it was really immature of Weston to do that cause he knew that there would be a price to pay. So let me know down in the comments what you think about this. Your all beautiful and have a fantastic day!

WP7 Unpacking


This week I finally Unpacked all of the boxes in my room and organized most things in my room. I for one do not like to do most chores, or unpacking boxes, but I have a few things I do to make unpacking more fun.

My favorite thing to do while unpacking is to play music so it kind of distracts me from how boring unpacking is. Sometimes I’ll just start dancing while I’m listening to music which then makes unpacking to me not seem like a chore.

I also get everything organized the way I like and find out what I need to get rid of what I need more of so I can make a list of what I do need. Also before I even start unpacking I need to find out what goes where, where my bed will go, where my bookcase will go, ect. I also need find find out where I will put everything else like what to put on my shelves, where I’m going to put lotions/perfumes, ect.

These are just the few of the things I do to make unpacking not seem as boring and how I stay organized.

Hawaii Adventures


This week for the student blogging challenge, I’m going to share about some of my favorite things in Hawaii. Well to start off, I’ll talk about why I go to Hawaii. I have some family there that we go to visit as much as we can, usually once a year. Therefore, I’ve been there quite a lot. I’ve been to the big island of Hawaii and Kauai. I enjoy going there because I get to see my family and well…my family is like a bunch of mermaids. We love the water. My family and I are so lucky we get to do these kinds of things and get the opportunities to go on such awesome adventures.

So both of my favorite adventures/places in Hawaii are both on the island of Kauai. The first is Queen’s Bath. It’s kind of like huge tide pools(literally they’re enormous) where we dive into, snorkel, and find cool animals. So most of these pools are all calm and in my opinion are a lot safer for younger kids, But there’s one part that is not a tide pool. It is kind of caved in but not blocked off. Here, turtles come around and swim. It is kind of a strong current so we have to be careful. We jump into the ocean off about a 10-15 foot drop and just swim with the turtles! It’s so fun but it does take a good swimmer and a lot of getting used to. It’s so deep, none of us have ever been able to swim to the bottom because after a certain point, it’s all black so that’s a little scary. A little fun fact (well not really fun, it’s actually a little sad), a count of 32 people have died trying to swim in Queen’s Bath. If you’re wondering why this is, it’s because tourists don’t realize how strong the waves and current are during the winter/fall so the they get taken under and/or hit their head on the rocks. Here is a picture of where we jumped off and swam with turtles.


As for my second favorite place on Kauai, Hawaii… Tourist Lumahai. Lumahai is pronounced as lu-muh-hi, in case you were wondering. Surfing at all of the beaches in Hawaii is almost always assumed, but that’s not the case. I actually know a few that are not very safe to surf, boogie board, or anything like that at. Tourist Luhmahai is one of them. Some people do still surf here, but let me tell you they are very good at what they do. Although, people do actually come here to body surf! Anyway,as you can see in this photo, there’s a space between the big rock on the right and a smaller one on the left. This is what we’ll jump into. The rock on the right has lots of small tide pools and one them is towards the edge so the water is always pushed into it, therefore there are lots of fish. It’s a small space but it is kind of deep so we snorkel in things like that too.

Another sort of fun fact…so there is a certain way to get back up the rock to jump (it’s hard to swim all the way to shore because the current is VERY strong and it is deep) and around it is a big area of other rocks but they’re under water. My little cousin decided to come with us and of course we all wanted to keep her safe, so trying to get her up to jump again, a big wave came and pushed me and my older cousin into the rocks which was pretty scary but we weren’t badly injured or anything.



I know this was a lot to read so if you did read all of it I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading.

Kadessa the French Mastiff Update WP16


image-2daodwk-225x300So most of you guys know I have a french mastiff named Kadessa. She is image-2daq7p8-300x300now almost 2 years old, she will be 2 in july, and now she is 1 year and 5 months. This is a picture from when she was 6 weeks old. The other picture is when we were driving home the RV repair and she kept wanting to get in my lap then i moved and she took my spot in the front seat. She is a really active and she loves to play. She kind of bites sometimes well she doesnt bite she just never grew out of teething. She is so strong that I can’t walk her that good cause she kept pulling me. When she is about 5 she will look like that dog from sandlot. This is the best dog I ever got. Bye see you this week.

Diamonds! WP14


Today I will talk about diamonds and facts about them for a random reason. Diamonds are made when minerals made of carbon dioxide are bury nearly 100 miles into the earth. Diamonds are used for jewelry and even cut other diamonds. By the way, diamonds are the the strongest on Mohs Hardness Test, which is the hardness of a material. Diamonds are usually priced by their cut, clarity, color, and carat, which is known as the 4 Cs. The world’s biggest diamond ever found is the Cullinan 1 Diamond. This diamond is is 3,106.75 carats. To put this in perspective 1 carat, yes only one of the 3,106.75 carats, would cost around $3,000-$5,000. The Cullinan 1 Diamond would cost $9,320,250 if it were to sell $3,000 for one carat, not including the adding and subtracting of the money by the other 3 Cs.

Hoverboards WP14


This week I am going to write about Hoverboards. There are a lot of different names such as 2 wheel self balancing electric scooter but i’m just going to call them Hoverboards. Hoverboards come in a variety of colors such as red, black, blue, green, white, gold and many more. I am getting a red one soon I just have to pay half and I can get it. Hoverboards are really fun and relaxing, I got to ride one at the mall and I fell off but then I started to get and they are really fun. Hoverboards are really expensive but I know a website that sell them for cheap but its like a month shipping. Hoverboards usually go from 300-2000 dollars in price but i can get mine for about 160 plus 90 dollar shipping and a PayPal fee for about 255 dollars.                                                                                                       IMG_2444_grande_large_bda33465-b135-419a-88d0-6678c9806ab0_grande



I don’t have these games but I want them for Christmas. One of the games I want is NBA 2k16 I played it at my cousins birthday last weekend and the graphics are really good. I haven’t played with a real team because we create are own teams. My favorite player in that game is James harden because I like his release and I make it a lot. My favorite team is the Warriors because they are all good at shooting. .Probably the next game I would want is madden 16 I also played at my cousins birthday and I use the New York Giants because I like Odell Beckham and he catches everything in that game.