This week I will be talking about a program called #ICANHELP. So first of all what is #ICANHELP? It is a really cool program ran by Kim Karr. Mrs. Karr was actually a teacher at my school! I had her in leadership in 6th grade. The program is to help delete negativity on social media. social media

I know alot you you have the social medias above.^^ Personally I only have Pintrest. So anyways we had a assembly at our school about this the other day. I think that it is a awesome program. They showed us examples of bullying online. I you ever encounter bulling on social media, you can use the #ICANHELP and they can help out with it too! Mrs. Karr is a great inspiration and she is now traveling to schools all around the world to tell people about this cause! I hope you enjoyed my post!my phone case

P.S. Those are the logos for #ICANHELP on my phone case!