EddsWorld (For Lack of Another Idea) WP1


My first blog will be about EddsWorld, a random channel on YouTube. It was created by Edd Gould, a person who wanted to make a better world. When he was a kid he made cartoons, because he was bullied by other kids. Over time he met others, like Tom Ridgewell, Matt Hargreaves, and Tord Larsson. Over time they learned about the “Internet”. He started making animations, but over time he made a series called EddsWorld. Edd made a little adventure staring Edd, Tom, Matt, and Tord. They were slowly gaining views and becoming popular. Soon EddsWorld took a dark turn. He was diognosed with the cancer of the white blood cell. On March 25,2012, Edd Gould died, and many people were heart-broken. After his death Tom, Matt,and a few others continued the EddsWorld legacy, with Tom leading them. To this day EddsWorld is a small channel, and he may be gone but he is a great person who made a many people feel better. “Edd may be gone,but his world will keep on spinning”.

By Alan

Worst TV Shows I’ve Ever Seen (WP1)


I’ve seen some bad TV shows in my life. But some of the TV shows I’ve seen are really bad, for example Full house. One reason I don’t like Full House is because I think it is boring and can get repetitive sometimes. Another bad TV show that I have seen is Bill Nye the Science Guy. I think that Bill Nye is annoying, repetitive also,  and shouldn’t have had a TV show in the first place. He is smart but also needs a catchier theme song. My last Worst TV show that I have seen is Barney The Dinosaur. I don’t like Barney because I think he could do things that normal kids don’t do. Another reason I don’t like Barney is because he sings the same song at the end of every episode.


by Tyler

Far Out (setting)


Between our home planet, Earth, and our star, the Sun, is a space that full of empty pockets and other pockets of debris. Close to Earth are numerous satellites, secret and public, working and decommissioned. The International Space Station is the largest of these objects and the only to contain human life. A few planets are in this space, but they are relatively small. And then there is the space. Empty space, cold, silent and alien. This in-between does not support life, which is just fine for all of the non-living objects there. For a person, this is dangerous territory.

Bold Adjectives


The cute, rowdy puppy was all set for action. The family was fast asleep, warm and cozy in their beds, when she was ready for some silly play time. Pounce! The fluffy fur ball jumped gleefully on the bed, waking her sleepy people.

Words of Wisdom August 22-26




Select one of the quotes from the words of wisdom this week, copy and paste the quote in the response, and then write at least two thoughtful sentences in response. You are welcome to either agree or disagree with the statement. References to your own experiences are welcome.



“Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings.”  (Maya Angelou) 

“When I am angry at myself, I criticize others.” (Edgar Howe)

“Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it.” (Marva Collins)