This weekend I ended up binge watching The Vampire Diaries whenever I had the time. This week was very emotional and overwhelming so I was struggling at times and debating if I should continue, but I did anyway. So basically I finished all of season five and now I’m starting season six which is supposed to be really sad and messes with your emotions. One of the biggest points in the show was at the end of season five when Bonnie, Elena’s best friend, is doing a spell to retrieve some of the dead from the other side including Elena, Damon, Stefan, etc. However in the process everyone gets rescued until they can’t do the spell anymore and Bonnie and Damon are now “dead” or stuck on the other side because the other side went down and is no longer there, so they are stuck in a time warp in 1994. I got so emotional at one point because of Elena. She was so sad about Damon dying it was horrible that she asked Alaric, one of the main characters that came back, to compel her to forget about Damon completely. So basically everything went downhill from there.