Vacation map and paragraph Per. 7


In the comments section, copy and paste your paragraph and the link to the embedded map.  Be sure to include the names of each person in your group.

6 thoughts on “Vacation map and paragraph Per. 7

  1. kristinko

    Ally and i are going to visit hollywood. We are going to see the hollywood sign. Also see the hall of fame. We are going to universal studios while we are there.

    View Hollywood(((o; in a larger map

  2. kyletr

    Kyle Trego & R.J Prince

    Mrs. Colbert


    April 12, 2011

    New York

    Once we get to New York R.J and I would go visit the Yankee stadium and watch one of their home games. And then we’ll go to New York Jets stadium and watch one of their home games. Then we would go to Capital One Bank and get heck of money and go to New city and go on a shopping spree. Once we get tired and hungry from walking around every where we will go have lunch at Joe’s pizza. After that we will go to Byrant park and play catch. Once we get exhausted we’ll go have dinner at Joe’s Pizza.

  3. tierraca

    Marissa and I are going to vacation in Miami.We will visit South Beach,the golf links,coral reefs,etc.View Miami in a larger map

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